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Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most often.
What is included in a dog wash?
First it starts off with a ‘Hello’ to you and your pup, then we set up with running a hose to your tap, a power cord to a power point, getting your pup into the hydrobath and filling it up with fresh water and shampoo. Your pup then gets a great massaging hydrobath with shampoo, then rinsed off with fresh water, clean the ears, check the nails and clip as needed, a bit of advice on feeding your dog and any questions you ask answered as best as possible, a quick blow dry to get most of the water out, some cologne to make them smell even better, and then a treat once they are out of the bath with their collar and lead on ready to go roll around on the grass.
How do you take payment?
Every way possible! We have PAYPAL which takes Visa debit/credit cards only NOT eftpos cards, bank transfer or cash.
Why do you use flea and tick wash and rinse on dogs?
I do get a lot of clients who ask for the flea and tick wash, but once I ask them if the dog has either fleas or ticks and the answer is no, then there is no need to have a flea and tick wash. The flea and tick wash is designed to kill the fleas and ticks so you can then have time to get rid of the fleas and ticks in their sleeping and play area.
What hours do you work?
Monday to Thursday 7-6pm Friday 7- 3pm Saturday 7 -12pm.
What areas do you service?
From Alligator Creek, out to Stuart, out to Rupertswood, up to Bluewater and every place in between, so pretty much all of Townsville including outer northern beach suburbs.
How do you know when to clip a dogs nails?
If the dogs nails are scraping on the ground, it is time to clip them back a bit. The dogs nails only need to be off the ground. Some breeds of dogs don’t have very fast growing nails, where other breeds grow like crazy. To clip them back is easy, but most people go a bit too far and cut the toe where then it bleeds and the dog becomes untrustworthy of their human counterpart….this is where I come in and help them and you. I am happy to show you how to do the job, but most of you are more than happy for me to do it 🙂 Nails are checked during the wash and clipped as needed. No extra costs involved in doing it with the wash.
Can you wash my dog without me being there?
As long as we can get to power, water and obviously your pup, and that your pup is well socialised, then we can most definitely wash your pup.
What is your Bank Account Details?
You can bank under M McInerney BSB 484799 ACC 168025975. Use the pups name as reference please.
How long does it take to clip and wash a dog?
Most dogs that have been clipped before are used to it and all up takes about an hour. For first timers, it takes a little bit longer, but that also depends on how well the pup has taken with me.
How do you get rid of fleas and ticks?
One easy solution is using salt. I recommend getting bags of pool salt as that is the cheapest way to buy salt. You would make a barrier around your property, starting from your boundary fences and then boundary off your home, then work in between the house boundary and the fence boundary. If you have lush grass, then sprinkle on like feeding chickens or fertilising your yard. If you have dirt areas, including broken concrete areas, under houses where the pups can get to, then heavily sprinkle the salt. If you have a major infestation of fleas, then you will probably have to do it once a fortnight for 2-3 times. Do not water the salt in. Do not put on wet grass.
Are you mobile?
Yes I am mobile. At present I do not have a salon.